• Administrative & Clerical Jobs - The Basics
    by Cody J.

    In the current job market, it's important that a person is able to perform a variety of different tasks and procedures, learning as much about their job function in order to provide additional performance in a secondary area. One employment area that's a good overall umbrella of skills is that of the administrative and clerical jobs; these jobs can offer a wide variety of different employment options and opportunities, such as admin assistants, office managers, and file clerks.

    What exactly covers administrative and clerical jobs? As mentioned, there are several positions that fall within this category - overall, this employment area covers all office and clerical duties. These types of jobs usually involve filing, data entry, typing, reception, and administration; entry level positions might have an individual use a copy or fax machine, a printer, and some filing or typing duties.

    Office managers, for instance, watch over an office environment by receiving and making phone calls, making appointments for staff and/or clients, as well as filing paperwork; administrative assistants do a similar function, though they might also do invoicing for the company, as well as make arrangements for upper management or the head of the company.

    The skill set and qualifications for these positions can variety, depending on the position a person is going for, but in general most employers will look for office knowledge, such as computer use, printer, scanner, copy, and/or fax machine use, and knowledge of filing techniques; higher level positions, like file clerks, office managers, and admin assistants will also need to be knowledgeable in reception, scheduling, typing, and invoicing. The best place to pick up these skills is to of course work in an office, but customer service positions can also offer these skills, depending on the office environment.

    Jobs that are considered a part of the administrative and clerical job area are vast - admin assistant, office manager, and file clerk have already been mentioned, but there several others as well, including customer service representatives, bookkeepers, accounting clerks, computer operators, data entry clerks, hotel/resort desk clerks, secretaries/receptionists, postal workers, and tellers.

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