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Jobsense is an online career resource used by thousands of employers and companies to manage their recruiting process and plays no part in the employers hiring decisions.

You can reply directly to the application confirmation email and your reply will be sent to the employer who is managing the job posting you have applied to.

No. All of our services are free for job seekers.

You can browse all active and available jobs by clicking on the "Search All Jobs" link below. Here you will be able to search by keyword, location, industry or advanced job search options.

Employers may find your resume using keyword and category searches. Be sure to categorize your resume that you upload correctly. The profile you create will be searched by our program and will present the results to the employer. Be sure to include exact key words in your brief profile that the employer may write into the key word search form to find your resume.

You can't submit applications or resumes through your Job Seeker account. If a company requests that you submit an initial application or resume for a position, you will need to visit their website or application link within the posting that is available to you.

To update your email address, you will need to first login to your Jobsense account. In the upper right hand corner of this page click on the “Sign In” link. Once logged in select "My Profile" to update your email address.

First, it’s important to know that deleting your Jobsense account won't remove applications from companies you previously applied to. We can’t remove those applications because they are required to track all candidate applications for internal compliance purposes. Therefore, it probably isn’t necessary to delete your account. If you would still like to delete your account you can do so by logging in to your account dashboard.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any edits to your uploaded document once you have submitted your application. However, we can upload a new updated attachment (resume/cover letter as one file) and delete the outdated version, but it’s not guaranteed the hiring team will be able to see the update if the recruitment is already in progress.

In the upper right hand corner of this page click on the “Sign In” link. Then click “Forgot Password” and input the username or e-mail you used to create your profile. A password reset link will be sent to you by email.


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All of our job packages are available on the "Employers Tab" or click on the link below.

Expired job listings are made available in the employer dashboard along with statistics and repost options.